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Spring Camps and Clinics


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HFC & NJX Spring Programs: 2019


HFC Spring Break Camp

2 Day Clinic: April 22nd and 23rd (9am-12noon)

Cost: $100

4 Day Clinic: April 22nd-April 25th (9am-12noon)

Cost: $165

The HFC Spring Break Clinic is a great way for young players train in a prositve environment and work on many different areas of the game. The focus is on agility, footwork, 1v1 play, finishing and small-sided games.



NJX Spring Break Camp

2 Day Clinic: April 22nd and 23rd (9am-12noon)

Cost: $100

4 Day Clinic: April 22nd-April 25th (9am-12noon)

The NJX Spring Break Clinic is open to current NJX players and those who may be interested in joining the NJX program. Players can expect a high-intensity and competitive session. Please contact us should you be unsure whether the NJX Clinic is suitable for your son or daughter.



HFC First Touch

Wednesdays, 5pm-6pm, April 10th-May 17th

Cost: $105

HFC's First Touch Soccer Program gives young players an opportunity to experience their first time playing the beautiful game in an age-appropriate and fun setting. First Touch uses a professional trainer to help players learn the basics of the game including coordination, passing & receiving and moving with the ball. This is a 6-session program at Cross Farm Park.



Holmdel Recreational In-House Soccer League

Sundays, Beginning April 14th

Ages: 4 - 11

10am-11am: 8 - 11 Years Old

11am-12noon: 4 - 7 Years Old

Cost: $110

Our in-house recreational soccer league offers children aged 4 - 10 the opportunity to play as part of a team in a fun league. Each age group uses a professional trainer to teach them the game before splitting off into teams to play games. To keep it as fun as possible players are seperated by age and ability. Games are played over a 7-week period at Cross Farm Park.



John Nacarlo Spring Clinic

Monday and Tuesday: Kindergarten and 1st Grade | 330-5pm

Thursday: 2nd and 3rd Grade | 330-5pm

Cost: $115

Location: Village School, Holmdel

The focus will be on developing the basic skills for young players through the playing of fun games. Coach Nacarlo is renown throughout Holmdel for his great Spring Clinic as well as his state titles with the High School.


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